Karen Rickers, Ph.D.

You want to ensure success. I can help.


You're a non-profit manager, passionate about the good work you do in the community.


You create projects which are beneficial to your organization, and want to do everthing you can to ensure they're completed on time, on budget and with all objectives met.  Because of this, you sometimes need a temporary skill set not currently available within your core staff.


I'm a marketer and project manager who approaches challenges with enthusiasm and zeal, and who can be relied upon to get the job done right.


Let's talk about how I can lighten your load while ensuring the success of your projects and marketing efforts.  

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I'm a self-proclaimed 'Renaissance Gal,' with a diverse skill set and the mindset to get things done.


I've spent almost all of my career in the non-profit sector, working hard to ensure that an organization's precious funds were deployed effectively and efficiently so that objectives were achieved.


I utilize strategic analysis before and after implementation to ensure that success can be precisely measured, and improvements made going forward.


And I have a history of raising revenue and profile at the organizations I've served.


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