Project Management

Projects create enormous opportunity for your organization, but they also create risk.  

They siphon staff hours away from regular duties, leaving core work undone. 

They present unique challenges not within the skill set of your team.

They create financial overages when contractual obligations aren’t met.

So your first priority as a manager is ensuring your organization is protected.  To achieve this, you need a Project Manager with the skills to complete the venture on time and on budget, with objectives met and deliverables in hand.  When it comes to satisfying funders, you also need iron clad reporting and a successful audit process.


I’ve completed countless projects with these end results, and I can help!

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I've studied Agile, Waterfall and PMBOK styles of project management, and use these skills, along with PM software, to plan, implement and analyse the projects I manage.

Here are the key steps to most projects:

  1. Project concept and initiation
  2. Planning and definition of objectives
  3. Launch and implementation
  4. Ongoing management and control
  5. Analysis and final reporting

I can help you ensure that your next project runs smoothly.




The DCH Contribution Agreement, your contractual arrangement with the funder, is often difficult to understand, and the financial reporting required is difficult, to say the least. 


Through work spanning 10 years and over 50 DCH projects, I have the experience and expertise to correctly interpret the funder's specific requirements, ensuring you provide all deliverables in the Contribution Agreement per the schedule so you receive the entire budget allocation promised.


Bottom line?  I can be an invaluable asset to ensure you complete your  next DCH project on budget, on time and with all deliverables in hand.



Looking for help to ensure that your grant application is on target in terms of strategy and pitch?  I've written many successful grant applications, and can help!




Whether your project is funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, the Canada Council, the Ontario Arts Council, the Trillium Foundation, or whether the source of funding comes from another source or internal to your organization, my project management skills will help you implement and complete objectives with all deliverables met.